Heavy heavy heavy... furniture

Anyone have a secret stash of collections to avoid stuff like this?

The major problem with the 3D warehouse is that when I am in manic “oh god! I have a client presentation tomorrow” mode I tend to drag any old rubbish into my models.

BTW I just found these exact chairs excellently remodeled by @optimaforever - Major Karma to him/her

But seriously… look at the density of this!!

Those chairs look like they could do with some softening of edges. Did you try that?

Sorry. I don’t have a secret stash. The furniture I have is all as light as I can make it but wouldn’t do you any good.

Way way too much geometry @DaveR! I have a three story building full of furniture. I found the same model that was “optimised”

That is a lot of polys! I generally end up using the Advanced Search to search for models of less thna a certain number of polygns…


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