3D Warehouse Model broken

Hello everyone!

I’ve downloaded a 3D Model of a chair, and apparently it seems to be broken. Is there any way I can fix this? Here’s the link to the model:

I was able to download the model but can’t open it

You might try contacting the author and ask them to upload the file again.

A model of a chair that shouldn’t have 10 MB and 36,000 polygons, it takes less time and you can create a proper ready SketchUp and Layout model if you make it from scratch instead of waiting to download that one from 3D Warehouse.

With Match Photo and SUbD

  • SketchUp & LayOut ready model - 238 KB and 982 edges



yeah, but it’s orange, not grey :clown_face:

the material alone makes half the file’s weight.
(yes, it opens on my computer, go figure. but it’s a black hole, like the other said)

please fix your profile, it’s nonsense.
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sketchup for school is the online version. it doesn’t have a version number. and SU24 has not been released yet.
Windows if indeed an os, could help to know if it’s 10 or 11 (ok, not in this case)
and your graphics card isn’t a ysfcwf. Ikea doesn’t do GPU.

not sure how to fill in your infos ? click here ! :slight_smile:

The file downloaded and opened just fine for me in SU2023 on Windows
File here
Pode_Chap_armchair.skp (9.8 MB)

Thank you for your reply. The thing is, I’m not using Sketchup, but another CAD software called Vectorworks. So I just filled out anything to get some quick help. Would you be kind enough to convert the the SKP file into an OBJ? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much! I’m working on Vectorworks and I don’t know why but as soon as I try to import the skp file my program crashes. Would you be kind enough to convert it into an OBJ file please? I would really appreciate it

I re-rendered that model and it seems to be ok now. Give it another try.

It finally worked! thank you :slight_smile: