Furniture from 3D warehouse not downloading to sketch up file

*using a Mac.
I need it for a uni assignment asap.
Currently only a 2d floor plan drawn with windows and doors

I am trying to download furniture from the 3D warehouse into my sketch up file. I have tried downloading to desktop, then dragging onto screen and downloading straight onto sketch up file. Neither works.

I used sketch up a few months ago and perfectly fine when adding furniture. I have tried creating new files since and nothing will work.

Can anyone help out?

Share your SketchUp model file with us so we can see what you have set up. Also tell us what components you are trying to get from the 3D Warehouse.

If your file is too large to upload directly, upload it to DropBox or Gogle Drive and share the link.

Exactly what happens? Does the SKP file download to you’d computer? Does SketchUp show any errors when you try to open the downloaded SKP file? If so, a screen-capture of the message would probably be useful to post here.

The SKP file downloads to my desktop where I should be able to click and drag onto file.

There is no error message.

If I click “ok” - it should download straight to file when clicked on floor plan.
If I click “No” - it will download to desktop

I had a susppicion of the problem and seeing your file proved it right. Your floor plan is huge! The furniture you are downloading would appear very tiny in relation to your plan.

Nearly 3 kilometers wide and nearly 4 kilometers long.

Resize the floorplan to make it correct before you add the entourage.


I guessed that you meant to be working in millimeters not meters. I resized the floor plan based on that. Note that now the furniture shows up when it is inserted.

MOD 10 - part a - tutor resized.skp (2.8 MB)


Thank you so much for this. I am a beginner at Sketch Up so I am glad I came onto this forum.

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My guess is when you started you chose a template with the units set to meters but were thinking millimeters. Make sure you watch when you start.

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