Can't place models from 3D warehouse

Hello, I’m helping out a friend with their skp file. Fairly new to sketchup. I understand that you download models from 3D warehouse and that after downloading, the model just pops up and you get to choose where to place it (from my experience with the webapp). However I can’t seem to replicate that usual behavior on a file given to me by a friend. According to them, the model was imported from autocad or something, could this be the reason for the error?

Here’s the skp file in question

What version of SketchUp are you and your friend using? Your profile is confusing. There is no Free PLan of SketchUp Pro 2023.

What is it they are actually trying to import? It wouldn’t be an AutoCAD file from the 3D Warehouse.
Share the SketchUp file and whatever it is they are trying to import with us.

Hey Dave! Thanks for the prompt response. Sorry I think I just have the 31 free trial of sketchup pro. Here’s a copy of the file. Basically, I can’t seem to put any model from 3D warehouse into the project as seen here:

Loading Model from 3D warehouse:

Placing model does not show the downloaded model, it’s only a blue diamond(?)

You don’t suppose that the model being so incredibly large relative to the size of the plant component would have anything to do with the component not showing up do you?

That one dimension works out to almost 290 statute miles.

If the model was made at a reasonable real world size the plants and other components from the 3D Warehouse would show up just fine.

That’s not the “Free Plan”. Correct your profile so it makes sense. That helps us help you.

By the way,it’s great that you’re going to teach your friend to use SketchUp but please teach them correctly. Of course teach them how to model at real world dimensions. Show them how to correctly orient faces. No exposed blue back faces.

Teach them correct tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 6_15_2023 , 12_06_19 PM

Show them how to purge unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 6_15_2023 , 12_06_55 PM

Teach them to use groups and components instead of leaving it all as loose geometry like they have here.

Maybe you should direct them to

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I see, that would make sense then. Thank you so much for your help, we didn’t notice that. We really appreciate the quick response!

Yes. it can be scaled down. Easiest way would be to use the tape measure tool to measure between two points at a known distance. Then type that distance in to resize the model. Here I’m making that 290 miles 200 feet. You can see a bunch of imported components are actually present once the model is scaled down.

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