3D warehouse does not work on revitbased sketch up?

When downloading a component from 3D Warehouse nothing happens! But only in the one sketchup I have based on an import from Revit. In “from schrats” sketcup drawings it works fine. Is there a solution to that? I have tried downloading from warehouse and importing to the “revit drawing” and also tried copy/pasting. The result is the same: the need components from 3D warehouse just don’t show up.

Appreciate any help.

How about sharing the SKP file and telling us what components aren’t showing up? Otherwise we’re only guessing at the problem you have.

Thanks DaveR. I would be happy to upload a copy. How are things usually shared on this forum?

If the file is 3MB or less, you can upload it from the reply window by clicking the icon that looks like a bar with an upward arrow. If it is larger than 3MB, you can upload it to the 3D Warehouse or another file-sharing server and post the link here. In this case make sure you mark the file as public access.

Got it! When importing from Revit the 7000mm became 7000’. Every import including the google map became about the size of an atom.

Are you exporting from revit to the DWG format and importing that into SketchUp? SketchUp won’t autodetect the units used to create a DWG file so you will have to use the Import Options dialog (Options button on the Import File dialog box) to set the units to be used in importing. The default, as you have noticed, is Feet, regardless of the units you are using to model.


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Uploading… Got it. When exporting from revit every mm had been changed to a foot. So every import was now microscopic in comparison.