*.3ds file import failed

*.3ds file import failed. Import of components is reported. But, drawing area remains empty. Outline too. Download address is http://archive3d.net/?a=download&id=2e4ea75d.

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it imported fine into a new v17 model with units set to metres…


Dear John,

thank you very much. Please send me the converted file as an attachment, if possible.

Kindest Regards

Bernd Dreyer


I would prefer you import it yourself as I don’t wish to break the terms of downloading…

all i did was open a new model, set the model units to metres and the inf File >> Import >> options, I set it to use Model Units,…

it took a little time but imported ok…

I then click on origin and the model displayed…

report back if those steps fail…



thank you very much. Conversion was successful in Sketchup 2015 too. But, model first exists as component only and has to inserted via the component dialog in the drawing area.

Kindest Regards