.shp file to SketchUp

Hello, someone did send me a .shp file and I want to open it in sketchup.
I have never done something like this, can someone help me?

thanks in advance!

@jimhami42 Jim Hamilton wrote a shape file importer …


For instructions on installing an RBZ extension archive, see the User Guide section

It all grew out of a couple of topic threads …

I tried but it didn’t work… Maybe because it is a autocad shp?

Don’t know if it will help but maybe

It’s shape to dxf

doesn’t work! I can send the files if someone did it before… pls help!

Is this a problem?

It just means that I never registered the extension. Can you post the files somwhere? You need both the *.shp file and the *.shx files.

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The short answer is that my plugin will not work with these files :frowning:

Using the files that you DM’d me:

If you open the Ruby console prior to running the plugin, you’ll get this error message:

*.shx does not contain polygons or polylines! Header record has 31.

According to the ESRI docs, this is a “MultiPatch” which is not recognized by the plugin:


What is a MultiPatch?


I suspect that your shapefile contains “Rings” (i.e., polygonal holes inside polygonal shapes), but I will need to dig a little deeper.

I’m gonna send a message to the one who send me the files!
thanks for the effort!

They sent me the 3D of the buildings in autocad, but this is without the terrain.
They can send me the terrain in .DEM or .DSM in esri grid format. Someone who can convert this to sketchup/autocad?

SketchUp can natively import .dem files. See the User Guide

Indeed! But this is what I got :unamused:
It is from arcgis so i can not load this in my skp