.SHP to .DXF to .SKP Impor Error

Hi everyone.

I have saved .shp polygon (QGis file) to .dxf and it opened just fine in AutoCAD.
It opened as a block so I exploded the polylines and saved them as .dxf 2013 version as I usually do when I import CAD files to SketchUp. I usually uncheck everything from the options but there is still this error.
Is there some other way to import QGis .shp to .skp if this won’t work?

Here are the screenshots:

You can try this plugin on the SHP file. Let me know if it works or not.

spirix_shapefile_importer.rbz (4.9 KB)

It showed some of the lines. I have not changed anything from the options:

Try setting the scale to 1000 and see what happens. It would also be useful to open the Ruby console to see what (if any) error messages you’re getting. Window >> Ruby Console.

The data looks like it might be GPS data. The import assumes the number are in inches. As a result, anything shorter than the minimal resolution will not be created. By scaling everything up, this prevents that from happening. The console should display errors when that happens. Once imported, you will need to scale it to the appropriate size.

You might also try geolocating it without scaling.

^ I have tried to scale it, still appears the same just as picture above and there are no error messages in the ruby console.

However, I have managed to import it:
exported .shp to .dxf, opened it with Adobe Illustrator and then exported selection as .dwg.
Now it loaded every line in skp perfectly!

Thank you for the response!

I’m glad you found a workaround. :slight_smile: