How to import shape file into sketchup?


I have been trying to import a shape map (tree location map) into sketchup using the shapefile extension. But everytime I click continue nothing come up. Does the shape file automatically geolocate it self? I have attached link to the shape file. Also, can I merge the data on to terrain (on a hill), so I will know where the trees are on a slope.

Besides the .SHP file, do you have at least one .DBF and one .SHX file?


Yes I do! May I ask what program or extension are u using?

Google search - ‘convert online shp to dxf’ or YouTube search - ‘shp to dxf/dwg’ and you will see how to use QGIS for conversion.

Could you send me the link the website you are using? I have tried import dxf file of this map into SketchUp but they are not scaled and in the right position and they are all guide points.

I just chose the first site from the list, but as you saw, files are missing and there was nothing to convert.

Set another unit for import

What information do you know you have in that folder and what do you expect to find in SketchUp after converting and importing?

thats the link for all the files. I do not mind it being a guide point but i cannot align it with the closest z plane with an extension to make them lie on the terrain. So if i set it to meter it will be in scaled? I dont know if i will lie on the position it supposed to be. I have geolocate my model on sketch and i think the data has its coordinate system as well since i didnt have to relocate it on autocad and argis pro

I turned the points into a component, then I used Drop at intersection plugin

Ok wow! Are they geo located or do I have to scale it and move it to the positions it supposed to be? I’ll try that later.

This is your SHP converted (dxf via CloudCompare) and imported into SketchUp and the steps to take for Drop the points onto terrain

For geo locate you have to test with the SKP file with the terrain you have.

Ok I will try the geolocation part when I get home. May I ask what is that component extension for? I also thought shp file has its own coordinates inside right?

s4u to components is an extension that turns your points into a component, and then you can replace the component with another one (a tree for example).

what kind of scale do you have here? mine is not in scale and not geo located. But when I transfer the file using the website you suggested, it does show the location correctly.

Sorry, also is there any alternative plugin that does not require to pay

Another method with JHS Powerbar

Scale to what size you need.

Your shp file doesn’t seem to be geolocated looking at it in QGIS.

cheers thank you so much!

it does when I put my shp file into arcgis pro, it uses british national grid coordination. For some reason, sketchup doesnt recognize that.

SketchUp uses the same lat/long system that, for instance, Google Maps or Google Earth does. National grids are just that, national, and there is no global grid system, naturally.

Try this.

190533-1_NTM_Points.skp (8.6 MB)

may I ask how did you align them? what I did is I did it manually by resizing and repositioning