Import GPS or Google Earth data

Is there a way to import GPS shapefile data into SketchUp 2016? I can import the GPS data into Google Earth and export it from Google Earth into KML or KMZ format. When trying to import the KMZ file into SketchUp the import fails. Is there a solution to bring GPS into SketchUp? Since this is a Trimble program you may be able to solve this.

I presume when you say “GPS data” you mean positioning data not information about the GPS solution.

You can import positioning data in to SketchUp, it depends on the format you want. I use Trimble® Business

You could convert positioning data into a DWG or DXF.

Tom; Google Earth and GPS use WGS 84 datum. Depending on your use there is a possibility of datum shift between that and what you may be using it for. I have not checked recently but in my locale I was told Trimble transmits correction data over phone lines so the correction can be done in near real time vs them ( Surveyors I was talking to. )going to office and transferring data and then waiting for changes.??
Hope Snowman has info in that area for you.Extebsion maybe of interest to you but not post I was looking for Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

If you are referring to shapefiles, specifically, you can try the shapefile importer found here.

BTW, the term “GPS shapefile” is somewhat confusing to me since most geolocated shapefiles are referred to as “GIS shapefiles” and are created by converting GPS data into the GIS dataset (and vice-versa). If you have GPS data, it can be converted using a number of free programs … for example this one which runs in Python.

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