How to Import GPS coordinates into Sketchup file

I’m working with a .skp file where I’ve imported a topo survey and geo-located it in Sketchup. I would like to take GPS coordinates of trees and other landmarks on the lot and import them into my geo-located file so the locations of these objects are accurately represented inside Sketchup.

In searching the forums all I’m coming up with is threads on geo-locating a file and not anything for adding GPS points into an already geo-located file. Would appreciate anyone who can point me to a solution for this.


Nobody has tired this before?

It’s been years since I’ve tried it.

What is the datum (origin) point for your GPS coordinates? As I recall, you would need to convert those coordinates so their datum matches the origin in the SketchUp file. For example if I have GPS coordinates for features at the location shown, I would need to convert those coordinates so they are relative to the point indicated.

You could do that with a spreadsheet and generate a file that could then be imported as a point cloud.

Thanks @DaveR I’ll give that a shot!


Hi Greg,

You’re quite welcome.

If it’s not too later, I thought of an old plugin that might be helpful for you. It will display the latitude and longitude of the point you click on in a geolocated model.

It’s available here at Sketchucation.

Awesome, thank you!

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