Question : How to get the GPS coordinates of a point in SketchUp?

I have a project to design a building using sketchup on a specific location on map, but i cant find a way to get the coordinates of a selected point ?

You can get the coordinates from Google maps e.g. (and use them to geolocate your model in SketchUp).

The specific process - in SketchUp - as indicated by @Cotty

Window>model info>geolocation>add location>

this takes you to google maps where you navigate to your precise location which then adds the precise location (and terrain maps) to your model.

Actually, it doesn’t use Google Maps, though. SketchUp hasn’t used Google Maps for a long time. Location data is supplied by Digital Globe and Open Street Maps.

Cotty’s suggestion would involve getting lat and long from Google Maps and manually entering them in Model Info>Geo-location.


So which is best practice?

If I didn’t care about terrain data or imagery, I would probably open Google Earth to get the Lat/Long or ask Google for that info and enter it manually into Model Info. That would establish the default origin in the model space at that latitude and longitude.

The Ruby API have methods for converting 3D point into latitude and longitude. However when I last looked into it they seemed to be wrong due to the model north angle being handled incorrectly. I don’t know if there was ever any clarity in that.