Geolocation - Coordinates

Does Sketch up geolocation imports the concerned image with the exact coordinates in real world? If so, is there a way I can hover over the image with a mouse cursor and find out the coordinates at each point or something likewise? Please advise.

Geolocation doesn’t move anything and the coordinate values inside your model are not changed. Geolocation only adds to your model a parameter value that tells the location of the model origin point in real world coordinates. Note that these coordinates are the same as in Google Earth with latitude and longitude angles. They differ from the x,y,z type values used in cartographic coordinate systems used in maps.
Perhaps a Ruby extension could be written to show selected model points in relation to the geolocation.

The necessary functions to convert between lat, long and model points are available in the Ruby API. So, at least in principle such an extension could be written.

Ok. Noticed the image imported from Geolocation and the CAD dwg file are off by a few feet when imported at the same time into Sketchup. Trying to optimize the process so the cordinates and the scale align.

Your CAD file probably has a coordinate system with a projection. I believe Didier Bur made the lat/long plugin I use, it lets you pick any point in your model and get the lat/long if your model is geolocated. You could possibly use a trial of Trimble Business Center to go from your CAD coordinate system to Sketchup, I go that route a bit