Geolocate a model within building envelope

Hey folks! I am trying to geo-locate a house model precisely within a building envelope on a building site. A civil engineer has been to the site and marked the four corners of the envelope with stakes. They then prepared a site plan document with contour lines, envelope location, house footprint, etc. I pulled this info into my model (imported the CAD linework .dwg file)

I went out to the site and took lat/long coordinates at each stake location (four corners of building envelope). What I am hoping to do is pull google earth imagery into sketchup with some sort of waypoints or pins at each of those stake locations. That way I can rotate and place my model exactly onto the sat image/sandbox terrain layer.

Am I asking too much? Is this possible to do in Sketchup?

In you can right-click select What’s Here, and you get an info panel that shows the coordinates. You can copy those and paste them into the Get Location option in SketchUp, to get the exact imagery for that location.

If your coordinates are better than Google’s you could just type them into Get Location, and make a note of what in the image corresponds to each stake, then line your model up with those points in the image.

You might not be allowed to use Google’s imagery.
Whatever, you may find some useful information in this thread here (posted by @Geo): A Map of Every Building in America — The New York Times

I didn’t mean that you use Google imagery, you just use their coordinates, then in the Get Location window you are getting the non-Google imagery.

Sorry @colin for the confusion, my post/note about Google was meant for @ajharlan in case he wants to use that imagery.