GPX to DXF to import to sketchup

Hi all,
I am trying to get gps to sketchup and overlay with aerial eventually so that I can walk a track in the bush/open space and record it into sketchup at scale.

So far I have been trialling gpx using a converter to dxf and it does import into sketchup, but it does not retain the scale. It imports tiny.
Any idea how to keep the scale from gpx export to dxf when imported.

These dxf files are from the GPX
and to give you a idea of scale they we the length of new zealand as it was a

link to gpx file

dxf files.

route_points.dxf (20.7 KB) routes.dxf (20.7 KB) track_points.dxf (670.6 KB) tracks.dxf (309.6 KB) waypoints.dxf (28.4 KB)

Check to see what the import units are by clicking Options in the Import window. Make sure the units match what your DXF file is at.

Screenshot - 12_13_2020 , 4_30_35 PM

The Tracks file imported using Kilometers as the Units.

Thank you Dave that makes sense. I don’t seem to have any options for units under import. I go File import amd its not expandable.

I am sketchup pro 2019.

Have you selected the DXF file type?

What operating system? Please complete your profile.

Hi Dave, yes that was what i was doing wrong, not selecting file type so options wasnt coming up. I will have a play with this and see how I get on, thank you. I will also look to see how i do my profile.

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