Showcase Of Advanced SketchUp Scenes?

I’m hoping to get a general idea of where I could take SketchUp if I got Pro and put the time in. Can anyone direct me to a showcase of creations made by advanced SketchUp users?

I’m particularly interested in the degree to which features found in video editors might be available in SketchUp. Animations, lights, shadows, audio, images and video clips etc.

I know about the 3D Warehouse but was hoping for a collection focused on advanced users.

Anything you can share will be educational here, thanks.

You may have misunderstood what Sketchup is for. It is a surface modeller and can be used for architectural and shop drawings. You can, with rather more difficulty, produce organic shapes but there is probably better software for that. Above all, Sketchup is highly intuitive, allowing someone to produce perspective output quite quickly.

You can also produce simple animations but it is quite a basic presentation tool.

Sketchup also has basic rendering but it is nowhere near being photo-realistic. Lighting is limited to a realistic rendition of shadows based on time of day and location.

Hi Nuke
Do a google image search under “Sketchup Details” or architecture or what ever you are into.
Most architects use it for sketch visuals personally I like it for 3D details and want to get better at doing architectural plans and elevations.