Hi! I'm new. And, I need help deciding

Hi There.

I spent the weekend getting to know SketchUp. I’m hoping to use it to help render 3D components to use in Daz3D illustrations and artwork.

So, I started working on one of my sets for my next set of illustrations. And, I’ve found it far faster to use (and more precise) than Blender3D. (Although I did need to manually add triangles – as stretched triangles adds weird lighting artifacts in Daz3D as you can see in the lower right portion of the building that I hadn’t triangled out yet.)

Here’s my SketchUp model and my Daz3D rendering:

So, in a few weeks I’ll be asked to decide between SketchUp Pro or Shop. Given my pipeline, is there any advice one way or the other? How does the Shop version compare with the Pro version on performance for very complex models with a high poly count? Can I use sandbox on the Shop version?


The web based versions don’t have the extensibility that the Pro version offers or simply put, you can use extensions on the desktop client, only.
Heavy modeling is bound by the hardware (you need a fast processor and a substantial amount of RAM, accompanied with a decent graphic card)