Pros with pro

So im currently using the free version for personal use and to plan our backyard.
I’ve got a decent gaming rig and tried using sketchup with the installed local version.

However ive experienced some performance issues with my models and was wondering if sketchup pro allows for a higher capacity when using the webversion or if its the same premormacce wise as the free?

The web version, free and shop, uses webgl, while the desktop version, trial and Pro, uses opengl. So there can be a difference depending on your system.
The main point though is that upgrading to Shop (the paid web version) won’t give you better performance than the current Free web version.
And if you are saying the Trial of the desktop version isn’t performing well, then you need to address why that is because buying Pro won’t make that better.
Basically the desktop Pro version is the most powerful but if your computer doesn’t have the appropriate processor and graphic card it can be problematic.
However, as a new user it is possible that your models are simply bloated with too much stuff causing your performance issues.
Boiled down, don’t try to buy performance, work out why you are having issues first.
You could attach a model for someone to check and give you some pointers.

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Thank you for a very complete answer and some wise recommendations. There might be an issue with just too much clutter within my models.

The computer is decent, gaming wise, so maybe I’ll start using the desktop version first and foremost. My theory was that maybe the web pro-version was runned on some other server just for pro users with a higher performance, you could almost make that assumption reading the short facts.

Another reason for upgrading was to get access to greater content in the gallery and VR-support. With the theory that It would be easier compelling the wife if she could see my Pinterest-addict-crazy-ideas in VR… =)

But ill start with some troubleshooting and see where it lands, many thanks!

A common thread in models I see from newer users is the use of excessively detailed components whether user-made or from the 3D Warehouse. Another is allowing the file to become clutter with unused stuff. Purging unused stuff from the model will be a big help and of course stripping down components to only the detail that is required will go a long way toward improving performance.

Keeping your model under control will help to improve graphics performance whether it’s WebGL or OpenGL. You’ll also see shorter save times. Remember with the web versions saving is done to the cloud so it’s dependent on your internet speed. A benefit of using the desktop version is that you would save to the internal drive on your computer which will be much faster than saving out to a location perhaps half a continent away.

For your other reason for upgrading, that sounds like a fine reason. Cool toys to impress your bride. :smiley:

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The web browser based versions of SketchUp are running in your device, entirely within the browser. All computations and display etc. are done using your device’s CPU and GPU. For instance, you can disconnect from the internet completely and the modeling features will continue to work (but saving to the cloud would naturally fail).