Is this model from sketchup?


Hey guys,

I have been watching a few post rendering videos lately trying to teach myself and i am wondering if the model in the following video is exported from sketchup or another software? I have a project due in an week and would like to do something similar to the video :smile:

Many thanks, Jed.



You know, it’s highly improbable that anyone could determine the original software program that was used to produce the image shown. The good news, though, is that it is possible to use SU to produce a model which can be “smaltzed” into a form similar to your desired output. The end result is totally dependent upon the capabilities of the rendering and post production softwares as well your own competency.


From his portfolio I would think it was a 3DsMax model. But as @jvleearchitects wrote, most of the work for this result will go in the postpro and not the “simple” render.