Shortcuts Not Retained, Frustration Grows

I have been using SketchUp for several years now, and as I increase my skill, I use the shortcuts for unhide, explode component, intersect faces, etc. rapidly. thus, I made sure to specify commands for unhide (ctrl+shift+e) which was used by a camera tool previously, and redo (ctrl+shift+z), as these do the opposite of their shiftless shortcut counterparts.
Every time I open SketchUp, these seem to get reset, and none work, I must go in and specify them each time.
This may be attributed to the shortcuts being reset at startup by copying from a master text file, but the master never gets modified. I have saved my settings for import export, for now, but I would still love to know if this can be fixed so I donā€™t need to import my settings each time I use sketchup.

When you install SketchUp from its installer exe file you should always right-click its icon and choose "Run as Administratorā€¦"
Being an ordinary user - even if you have ā€˜admin-powersā€™ is not sufficient - so a double-click to execute it will give flaky resultsā€¦

So if you have not installed SketchUp in the approved manner, then uninstall it using the ā€œPrograms and Featuresā€ Control-Panel.
Any plugins installed etc should survive - but other settings like shortcuts, folder-paths etc will probably be lost.

Now install it afresh as an administrator - as I have previously explained.

Then, open SketchUp and try resetting some shortcuts.
Restart SketchUp and see if those shortcuts have stayed as you hopeā€¦

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I believe you can launch the installer properly, (without uninstalling,) and then choose ā€œRepairā€. (The repair option only appears when an application is already installed.)