SketchUp keeps Resetting itself


Hello Everyone,

This happens to me every few weeks or so. I have a License through work that I have installed on my desktop and my personal laptop for working on the go. However the SketchUp application on my laptop will periodically reset itself. Meaning that it will erase every single preference on in my .dat file.

So I’ll open up the application to work, and I’ll get a License Agreement window and am forced to select a new template. This will undo all the toolbars, and erase all the shortcuts. And when I say “all” I mean even the factory defaults are erased.

So my first question is… Does anyone have any ideas why It’s doing this? and B. Is there a way to prevent it?

And C. If it’s just going to do this from now on, is there a way to quickly re-establish the shortcuts without having to manually input all the factory defaults from the Reference Card online?

Thanks for your help,



Not sure about the factory defaults, but after setting up all your custom shortcuts, … use the “Export…” and “Import…” buttons at the bottom of the Shortcuts panel to save and restore your shortcuts.
EDIT: Yea, looks like the factory defaults are all in there as well.

The SketchUp User Guide says …

Creating keyboard shortcuts

If you ever want to reset all your keyboard shortcuts to the defaults, click the Reset All button on the Shortcuts preference panel.

… and …

Exporting and importing your SketchUp preferences explains in depth what I said above.


Did you install Sketchup using the Right Click ‘Install as administrator’ method.
If not, find the install.exe that you downloaded, probably in your downloads folder unless you brought it from work, Right click on it and choose Run as Administrator, follow the prompts and when you get the option, choose Repair.


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