Keyboard shortcuts are unasigned

I just installed Sketchup 2017, and the keyboard shortcuts didn’t work. So I went to “window > preference” and I saw that very few items have a keyboard shortcut assigned, and those assigned ones work.

The basic tools, like “select”, and “shape” don’t have a keyboard shortcut assigned. I already pressed Reset All, and nothing changed.

I know that there should be default shortcuts already assigned, because there’s a reference guide. How can I get the default shortcuts?

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, do so now and choose the option to Repair.

Thanks for the reply!
Just did that. Same results.


Next step.
Uninstall Sketchup 2017 completely.
Now reinstall it, but this time ensure that you right-click the installer’s exe file’s icon [in Downloads ?], to get the context-menu > “Run as administrator”

Now retest…

PS: In your info, describing your Graphics Card as “Awesome Builder” is NOT very helpful - what is it ??
Not ‘so cool’…

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It works now. I just reinstalled it, and I did right click and press “Run as administrator”, though I’m not sure if it makes a difference to actually press “Run as administrator”, because it does run as administrator by default.

Those are very different things.

If you do not start a program’s installer’s exe by using the “Run as administrator” method, it will NEVER be installed in the correct way.
Even if you have admin-powers, or even if you are actually logged in as the admin, then just choosing “Run” OR double-clicking the installer’s exe’s icon, is NOT the same thing.
Those methods will NOT install it in the proper way.

There can be many subtle issues that result - these differ across users and depend on many other settings…
But you can be assured [if that’s the appropriate word], that it will never get set up exactly as it ought to be.

Just install things the approved way and save yourself a lot of grief…

I wonder if there is a method behind the recent frequent difficulties people are having with installing SketchUp and the libraries it needs to work? A particular security package? Windows 10? I have personally never had any difficulties installing SketchUp by logging in with an administrator account and double-clicking on the installer. UAC is at the default second highest setting.


1)Windows does not expose the actual elevated admin level when windows starts. So said here html
To do that you have use actual pass word you used at the initial install of windows. That then gives me a question about what the run as admin really does because it seems that then overrides the elevated admin level;
2) when I stalled w7 I know for sure I unblocked the down load an installed as admin. However, I have the same problem in that short cuts are missing;
3) I use make and if I remove and try to reinstall SU 2017 will I then run into the issue it will not install back to make because the eval time has basically expired?