Shortcuts are fixed to US-Keyboard layout

When i add some shortcut, and i press sth. like ctrl + Z it will show up as ctrl + Y, since i have a german keyboard layout.
My Sketchup is the english version, running on win10 german.
Not sure what the german version would do…

The result is shortcuts which are very hard to look up, because the UI tells me something different than what i see…

ctrl-Z and Y are a bad example, these are actually ok working. I thought they would be more understandable as most know about qwertz vs qwerty layouts… but it’s only (some) special chars that act like hardcoded to a US-Layout

Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Z are hard coded in Windows. SketchUp and LayOut don’t override the hard coded ones. You can change them temporarily but the next time Windows starts, it’ll override your choices. Maybe you should send this one to Microsoft.

sorry, undo was a bad example…
if i press ctrl ä i get ctrl \
so nothing hardcoded here…
seems like SU is reacting on keycodes from a lower level, and interprets it to US-Layout itself.

Could you try downloading a German version of SketchUp and see if that fixes the problem?

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My suggestion would be to change to US keyboard layout while you’re working. I have 4 input languages open and keep on US layout when working, otherwise it produces unnecessary results.

Yes… but i guess i’d need to do that on another pc or in a vm? i have multiple versions in parallel (16/17), but can i do a 2nd install without hurting the first?

I will keep the english version for work, like that it’s easyer to follow online help resources, no guessing on translations.

Your keyboard is probably set to English so you get some characters that are different to those on the actual keys on your physical keyboard. I have a button on my taskbar that can be used to change that. Windows has a shortcut that switches your keyboard language - I don’t remember now what it is but I sometimes press it unintentionally and then get same problems as you (I use a Finnish keyboard)


It’s Alt + Shift or Win + Space, @Anssi.

You’re right, since Shift and Alt are used a lot in shortcuts, sometimes I too press them together and unintentionally change the language input.

Oh yes. Especially Archicad has many of those alt-shift-something default keyboard shortcuts.

To add a memory, Windows NT had a keyboard shortcut that turned your display image upside down. That was a hard one to fix for a colleague. Some bad people used that as a prank.


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Guys, you are wandering Off the topic…
Go Switch to another Layout and See what happens when you Set shortcuts in LO …

No, i have a german Layout and german locale Set…

So, i installed the german SU in parallel…
First thing i notice, only very small parts of the menu are translated:

Everything else, like in the trays, seems all-german.

But the behaviour on LO’s Shortcuts-dialogue is the same as in the EN version.
What i did notice, is that not all keys are showing US-layout. Z and Y are correct, dot, comma, dash too.