Shortcut do not work in the new Version 17.2.2555 64 bit

Shortcut “Ctrl+z” do not work as it did in the earlier ver. Tryed to put it in manually but no result… I have a Swedish (translated) ver. so I thought it could be some language issue?

Missing shortcuts can be indicative of an incorrect installation of SketchUp.
It must be done as follows…
Find the SketchUp 2017 installer exe file’s icon [probably ion your Downloads folder ?]
Select it and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator…
Installing it any other way can have weird results - like your missing built-in shortcuts.

You probably don’t need to uninstall and reinstall - instead close SketchUp and run the installer as explained above.
When prompted choose to ‘Repair’…

When SketchUp restarts many issues are usually fixed…

Thanks for the rapid answer! But…no it did no change. It looks like there is doublett in the list of shortcuts; two lines that are the same (undo) instead of one “undo” and one “redo”…

I maybe have to install the english version again?

Uninstall and reinstall.
See if that helps…

Before reinstalling, you could try the Reset All-button on the Window menu>Preferences>Shortcuts dialog (I don’t know what these are in Swedish…)


And make sure the model viewport has focus (by clicking once in empty whitespace) before using shortcuts.

It did not help to uninstall and reinstall this version. There is definitely a bug in this Swedish version.The previus version worked well!

It works on mine @ NO PROBLEM

@jan.thoren did you click first in the SU workspace after opening SU to ensure SU has focus as Dan suggested above? We know about the focus bug.

I tried several times without success. Still think there is a bug in my “Swedish version”

No success!

OK, good for You. Maybe You don´t use the Swedish version?

Yes I have tried “everything” now without success…
The program works absolutely fine except for the shortcut “Ctrl+z” wich is gone somewere else…

Hi again,
just want to tell You that I have installed “the old” Sketch Up Make Version 17.1.174 64 bit (eng). Now everything works just the way I want.
The “undo shortcut Ctrl+z” is back!!!
I gonna keep an eye for new versions in the future, and maybe some day there is a new one that works with both Swedish and shortcuts;-))

why don’t you try with "Alt + Backspace " also you can assign a new shortcut key for Ctrl + Z to see if it works.

I have already tried all those manual opportunities without result. I´m quite sure that there is a bug in the version I download.
Today I download it a second time, and saw that the file size was not the same as it was the first time I download it…Aha, I thought, now is the bug fixed, but no… It was the same problem; "No shortcut “Ctrl+z”…
Anyway, the previus version works allright!

I have the same problem and it’s really annoying. Is there some fix for it?

Uninstall the Swedish translation and install the real SketchUp version instead. The Swedish so called translation has the terms Undo and Redo mixed up which can break shortcuts.