Reinstalled SketchUp | No Shortcuts Set

Hello! Trying (again) to solve the issue in this article, I decided to uninstall SketchUp again and make my computer “forget” that it had it ever installed (cleaning the registry, fixing possible errors, etc).

This didn’t prove to help because I still can’t see thumbnail previews, but now I’m facing something new. After installing I discovered to my shock that all shortcut key bindings are missing. This never happened before. Everything, is empty - Rectangle, Line Tool, Circle, everything!

Luckliy, I keep an archive of my SketchUp settings but still, this made me scratch my head because I didn’t do anything extraordinary and this never happened before.

Before bringing back your archived settings, did you try the Reset All button - that ought to bring back the default shortcuts?


Oh no, I didn’t think of pressing that button. Silly me. :confused: I straight went and imported my settings.