Shortcut Keys Disabled?


I have been using Sketchup 8 since it was released, but now I have downloaded 2014. When I created models, i would select components and then group them together by pressing ‘G’ on my keyboard. Why has this been disabled in 2014? Is there a complete list of short-cuts available?


G have by default in SketchUp created Components. You had to make your own custom shortcut to create Groups.

Shortcuts are all defined under Preference > Shortcuts and you can export and import your settings.

In our Help section we also have a Quick Reference Card over defaults:


In the list its under edit/make group in the short cut list



PrintKeys.rb by Jim Foltz creates a printable list of your shortcuts.

And there’s ShortCutsV2.rb which @tt_su fixed for me a while back. :slight_smile:

shortcutsV2.rb (118 Bytes)



I typically set ‘g’ to make components and ‘G’ to make groups. Keyboard shortcuts are case sensitive.


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