Shortcut Key to Explode Group - Ctrl ^ G

It is great to have the “Ctrl G” shortcut keystroke to Group objects. It would also be great if SketchUp conformed to the protocol of nearly all other programs to use “Ctrl ^ G” to ungroup them, i.e. “Explode” in SU parlance.

You could set that up if you want. I so rarely need to explode groups or components that for me it isn’t worth tying up a shortcut but it’s certainly within your control to have it if you want it.

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One thing to know, setting shortcuts to contextual menu items will only work while the contextual menu is active at the time. If you went straight into the shortcuts menu and looked for Explode, it won’t be there. But, if you first select a component or a group, then the option will show up.

I use “X”. I don’t remember if it is the default.

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There isn’t a default keyboard shortcut for Explode.

Thanks for responding and your suggestions. Apparently SU-2020, which is what I use, is different than DaveR’s, as my shortcut preferences panel is much different (see screen-shot). I also tried “X” as Anssi suggested, but nada.!

I se explode often when making components and subcomponents. For example, in the screen-shot I show, I made the rafters for the left side of the doormer and group them into a roof-framing component. To make the right side, I duplicate the assembly, explode it, and then turn each rafter 180º. Each rafter is itself a component, so if I need to tweak a cut, I must also explode it. I have many other components in this drawing that have similar issues.

Thus - I would still love SketchUp to to assign [Ctl] + [ ^ ] + [G ] as the standard Ungroup “explode” keystroke shortcut

No. That’s because you’re using Mac and I’m using a PC.

No you don’t! That’s working too hard. Just open the component for editing. If you need to make that component different than the other ones, make it unique first.

I’m confused by a couple of things you wrote. First of all, in the title and in your post you say you want to use Ctrl ^ G. But on Mac, ^ is the glyph used to represent the ctrl key. So Ctrl ^ G is redundant!. So, I’m not sure what you meant by ^ - shift? Second, you say that Ctrl G is the default for create group. But on Mac, the default is Cmd G, not Ctrl G.

So, I’m wondering what you are really trying to do. If you mean Ctrl shift G, I see no reason that should fail (it works for me). If you mean Cmd Ctrl G or Cmd Shift G, you can’t do that on Mac because you can’t use Cmd in user-defined shortcuts and Cmd Shift G is already wired to Create Component in the Edit menu…