Is explode function available in Sketchup Free: Where is the explode function?

I understand the explode function is contained within the Edit context menu in the Pro version but how can I use it in the new web-based Sketchup Free (if it is available at all)? I have looked but cannot find any reference to the web-based Free equivalent to “right-clicking” and selecting from context menus, or information specifically on the explode function.

I have imported an image (a floor plan) and would like to “explode” it so that I can re-scale it and manipulate components (as suggested in this video at 1m40:

Many thanks for any help offered.

It is on the right click menu. Are you unable to right Click?

Since it is a Context menu item, you have to right click on something that can be exploded–a group or component.

Keep in mind that Explode destroys the selected group(s) and component(s). If you explode them, they are no longer going to be groups or components. Most likely there’s no need to explode anything. Certainly not just to scale or move nested components. Exploding will probably create more work for you.

Open the group or component for editing and make the changes instead.

Right-clicking brings up Google Chrome related functions. Sketchup Free is web-based so when I right-click I get functions associated with my browser.

I am assuming that at least some of the functions contained in context menus in the Pro version will have been “moved” somewhere else that is accessible using a web browser but I can’t find any reference to this in the Sketchup Free user guide (e.g. things that are different from previous versions).

Right click works like this on Firefox.

When I right click on a group or component, I get the Context menu and Explode is present just as Box shows in his screen shot. I’m using Chrome as my browser.

Oh, well this might explain why there’s no reference anywhere to needing to do something different. I am single-left-clicking on my image, which outlines it in blue, but when I then right-click, I get Chrome options (e.g. save image as… and functions relating to Chrome extensions I have such as LastPass and Evernote). I wonder if there’s something “wrong” with my Chrome setup that I can adjust.

I just checked chrome and I get the right click menu no problems.

Thank you. Your replies were a great help in getting me thinking about what might be the issue. I have a Chrome extension that (re-) enables right-clicking on websites where that feature is normally blocked. I have disabled it and now the Sketchup context menus are coming up. Thanks once again.

Glad you got sorted.

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