Explode in Sketchup Web Version

Need help with how to ‘explode’ in Sketchup Web version.
Are there any tutorials?
Or, is it even possible in the web version?

What do you want to explode? A component? You should be able to right click on the component and choose Explode. That will get rid of the component wrapper.
Screenshot - 10_8_2022 , 2_16_50 PM

Or are you trying to make an exploded view of your model like this?

If that’s what you’re after you just need to use the Move tool to move the components away from each other. Do this with a copy of your model so you can leave the assembled copy alone.

Your example is exactly what is needed.
Except, I did not copy. Just moved.
Now to reassemble.

Maybe Undo will be your friend.

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Whenever trying to erase the stray lines, a great portion of the cabin is erased.
This is not cool. Any help appreciated.

Assembled with Roof.skp (470.7 KB)

You need to remember that you have ‘grouped’ things and you need to open those groups to edit them. The solid blue box around the geometry shows that it is a group and closed for editing, the gray dotted line shows it is open for editing.
So you can see here I double click to open the group before deleting the stray lines, then open another nested group to get at the others.
You have some strange grouping going on.
Ideally you would create components, which are linked groups, for the various lengths of wood.

Edit: Looked more closely at your model. You are messing things up when you select the geometry within a component and copy it, you should be copying/arraying the closed components, not the raw geometry.