Shortcut buttons stopped working on mouse

I downloaded SK 2023 on my PC and the logitech M510 mouse shortcuts no longer worked. I checked logitech setup
and looks like all is setup correctly. I also have a 3D CONNEXION and the button shortcuts are working but
it will not navigate, only moves in and out. Could be the
mouse is messed up but the mouse and 3D nav. not working after downloading. I think something more
could be going on. If someone can help I would appreciate
it thank you.

what 3D Connexion device are you talking about? They have mice, 3D mice and keyboards…
After upgrading to a major version of Sketchup you have to install the latest version of 3DXware.
During install it will recognise every version of Sketchup that is installed on your computer.

The space mouse only moving in and out is a symptom of not having their extension installed for the new version of SketchUp. Without the extension, movement generates the default scroll events of the space mouse, which SketchUp processes as zoom.

As pointed out already, you must always install 3DConnexion drivers (which include the extension) after installing a new version of SketchUp. They only scan for SketchUp during their install.

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Shortcuts on Logitech Mice are either global (all programs), or program specific.

From the Logitech POV, Major versions of SketchUp are DIFFERENT programs, so if your mouse shortcuts were set in Logitech’s control program (Options? or Options+? and there might be others!) as program specific to your prior SketchUp version, they won’t carry over to the 2023 you downloaded.

I just check MY Logi Options+ - and I haven’t set program specific buttons for ANY application. When I go to “add Application” - it gives me only 1 choice for SketchUp – “SketchUp Application” – and I know I have both 2022 and 2023 installed on this computer. I went ahead and set shortcuts for it - and they were applied to 2023 - NOT to 2022!

So you may have to “forget” the current “SketchUp Application” - then add it back. Once added back, check both versions. I’m guessing that will make your shortcuts work on 2023 - and NOT work on prior versions.

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Thank you think I will try that.

I had that problem some weeks ago, I had to reinstall the logi options+ software again.