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I have a model in SketchUp which I’d like to share with someone. I can share a link to it fine, but when I test it, none of the tags are functional (& they’re critical to being able to meaningfully view my model). They are listed, but are all greyed-out. Am I doing something wrong or is there some way to make this work? That fact the tags menu option shows seems to suggest to me it ought to work!

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Share the link and share the SketchUp model file so we can see what you are working with.

You’re using SketchUp Free? You could download the file to your computer and send it by e-mails ot hey can open it in SketchUp Free instead of the viewer.

I’m not sure I’m ready to share my 1st creation with the whole world! :blush: If you’re kind enough to take a look I’d be happy to PM it to you?

Emailing the model sounds like an option, though I don’t think the person I’m sharing with is a SketchUp user, so the view-only web interface would be a better solution.


If they’re going to only look at it with the viewer you’ll need to find a different way to manage the visibility of the groups and components in your model. You could do that with scenes.

OK, thanks, I’ll explore that.

Does that mean that tags just don’t work in the viewer?


Right. Pretty much if you can’t expect the user to figure out navigating around the model in SketchUp, there’s no reason to think they should understand using tags.

I second Dave’s recommendation for you to control what tags you want shown and save them (on or off) to scenes. The viewer can navigate through the scenes easily. You can even name the scenes to better help them know what will and will not show in each.

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It’s not that at all. The person is an architectural technician. I am sure they will be able to use and understand tags. My problem is with SketchUp Viewer not seeming to have functioning tags. If the tags work, the viewer would be absolutely ideal & would save them some hassle.

I can explore the helpful workaround which you and Eric suggest, but I’m still curious about whether the tags system is just broken in the Viewer or if there’s some setting or tweak that I could change to make it work.

Thanks, Adam

The “tag system” as you call it is not broken in the viewer.

Ah, great! Perhaps we’re talking at crossed purposes then. I’ve pasted below what I see when I test out the Viewer view of my model. My understanding of “not broken” would be that the open & closed eye icons would function when I click on them. Is that how they should work & if so, how do I get them to do that?


I would call it broken too, why are they shown if you can’t use them, same goes for other tray items as well, you can see the Shadows tray and the toggle to turn them on and off but you can’t turn them on or off.
Seems like they should have removed the trays from the viewer, or made them active.
GIF 3-04-2024 12-37-06 PM

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