Shadows not appearing in LO

I have a simple model of a medicine bottle. In SU 2024, the “plan” view created by a section plane uses a style which allows a shadow to be cast, and that is what appears in the saved scene in SU.

When I go to LO however, this same scene appears but without the cast shadow. I have closed and re-opened both SU and LO and re- re- referenced the Document Setup in LO.

I thought at first this was because I had some material transparency issue, but when I get to a material without transparency, I still have no shadow in LO though the scene in SU has one.

Obviously, this is not an urgent issue as I am recuperating from a knee replacement and am trying to find things to do. And I love SketchUp, so perhaps this can keep me sharper. I almost forgot how to make a sphere in 6 seconds.

It would help to see your LayOut file. Is there a Reset button in the Effects section of the SketchUp Model panel?


I’m really sorry for the too slow response on my part.

I kept fiddling with it, and I do think it has to do with the degree of transparency on the orange bottle’s material. There is a tipping point at which the shadow appears.

I’ll upload the LO file, but don’t fret over any of this. Like I said, I was bored and needed some entertainment. I love SU, and I love drawing - even a CVS medicine bottle.

I did get in my first 9 holes of golf - 29 days out from the surgery.
Medicine Bottle.layout (9.7 MB)

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Yes. That’s normal. Too much little opacity and the material won’t cast a shadow. The tipping point is 70 in SketchUp.

Nice work on the bottle in general.

I would upload the SU file, but it apparently “too big.”

30.8 MB does seem pretty big for a 2 medicine bottle file - using components!

Is SU 2024 saving bigger files? I looked back a some of my earlier files made in earlier versions, and only Olaf was this big. My file on my own house (including materials, textures, etc.) is only 41MB.


Yeah, it does. It’s the texture image for the CVS label on the cap. I deleted that from the .skp file embedded in the LO file and purged some unused components. File size went from 31642 Kb to 207 Kb.

Nope. Still the same file compression since 2021.

By the way, how does this trip your trigger? This is the exported PDF from LO.
Screenshot - 5_22_2024 , 3_33_01 PM

Of course! The graphic! I should have adjusted the needed resolution when I exported the file from LightRoom.

Not sure I’m getting the “trip my trigger.”

Does the bottom of the bottle look more like what you want?

Yes. So, you changed something in LO?

Here’s my SU file.
Medicine Bottle no CVS.skp (198.6 KB)

I just used the .skp file embedded in the LayOut file…

A little. I used stacked viewports with the top one set to Wireframe and the Bottle tag line color set to a dark orange and its Line Scale set to 0.6.
Screenshot - 5_22_2024 , 4_04_28 PM

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