Layout showing shadows but shadows off in model


My model has shadows turned of but in layout some elevations are no shadows and some (Garage are dark and look like shadows are turned on. Any ideas?



It would be a few seconds’ inspection to tell you without guessing if I could see the LO file but I’ll guess that you have Use sun for shading turned on.

No turned off in my model DaveR

Any chance of seeing your LO file?

How do i get it to you if file too big.

It does some stupid thing where if i turn shadows on in layout change the time of day and then turn of the shadows the roof gets lighter…Shouldn’t it just be shadows off in sketchup, shadows off in Layout, then the elevations colours are all the same in all the elevations.

How big is the file?

You could upload it to Dropbox and share the link. Share it privately if you don’t want to make the file public.

If you’re monkeying around with shadow settings in LO, you’ve disconnected the viewports from the scenes in SU. That’ll create problems.

Sorry dont have drop box. Why if you turn shadows off in layout does it not just default to how the front elevation is shown in the above image.

I need to see the file to help you further.

OK. Got it.

Here’s what I see when opening the file.

The roof color is a little different between views but there are no shadows.

You’re not setting things up correctly and this is part of your problem. Currently you don’t have a scene established for any of those viewports. Each one of the viewports shows as a modified version of the Last Saved View. I thought we talked about this before. You should be creating scenes in SketchUp for each view you want to show in LayOut and then set each viewport for the desired scene. Don’t make them modified in LayOut. Make changes in Sketchup and update the scenes as needed.

I’m working on fixing your LO doc.

Here’s a screen grab. A scene for each of the four views with the camera set to Parallel Projection in SketchUp. The scenes are not modified and notice now the roof color is the same on all four views. The roof color is different than before because the camera is set to Parallel Projection. The color in yours was based on the fact that you had saved the SketchUp file in Perspective view with the camera set up for a 3/4 view. This color difference is normal though.

So again, the problem is due to incorrect setup. With the correct setup, things are more predictable and easier to handle.

Thanks so much Dave, will create the scenes and see how i go.

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