Layout viewports shadow issues



Isn’t Layout supposed to bring in the shadow settings from SU scenes. My scene in Su shows one thing but when I turn on scenes in LO it is completely different.


Yes. Do you have the scene updated with the shadow setting? Does the scene show as modified in the Sketchup model window in LayOut?


Hey Dave. Yes I have all the boxes checked in SU and have updated the scene and saved the SU file. And I have updated the LO file. But they are not the same. I can screenshot if you want to see.


top image is from SU, bottom from LO


There is definitely a shadow which i can turn off and on, but it is NOT the same as in SU.


This is the scene image and date settings in SU.

And this is the setting in LO.

Note I even tried to set the same date and time.


Try this: In the SketchUp Model window in LayOut, choose the original A5_5 scene. Leave the shadow settings along in the SketchUp Model window in LayOut.

If that still doesn’t work, can you send me the LO file? If you don’t want to make it public, you can e-mail me. Do you have my e-mail address?


You may friend a a freaking genus. So it must have been because it was “(Modified)”. I’d have never though of that. SU owes you another beer my friend (as do I).


:smiley: MMM… Beer. :smiley:

That modified thing snags a lot of people. It disconnects the viewport from the scene so scene-specific changes like shadows, camera position, styles, that you might make in the SketchUp scene won’t get translated into LO. Although it says {Modified) A5_5, the scene name might as well be Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 1. :wink:

This is why my number one piece of advice for working in LayOut is never let the viewports show as modified in the Scenes list.

I’m glad that got it sorted, though.


Does that happen when you inadvertently double-click into the inserted viewport? Kind of like double-clicking into a linked .rtf file or something, you break the link?


Yes! Exactly. So if you inadvertently double click on a viewport. Immediately undo or reselect the original scene.

I put the viewports on layers separate from drawing entities I might add in LO as well as text and dimensions. Then, after I have the viewports established, I lock the viewport layer(s) so I can’t inadvertently modify them when I think I’m double clicking on a little text box or something.


Good advice master. Wax on, wax off.


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