Viewport shading (but not supposed to)

In Layout I have a particular viewport referencing a Scene in SketchUp that keeps appearing as if it has shadows turned on - even though it does not in either SU or Layout override. When I double click into the viewport (in Layout) it appears to be correct, but when I click out of the viewport it goes back to appearing to have shadows.

I should also note that I’ve had a series of BugSplats in Layout.

Share the .skp and .layout files so we can see the exact setup.

Why have you modified the Camera, Effect, and Style properties for the veiewport? There shouldn’t be any need to modify the Camera properties, especially.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut? Are you still using El Capitan as your profile shows?

I agree about the camera. But when I select the scene, it doesn’t actually bring in the scene, I have to change the camera to fit the scene.

2024 Layout and SketchUp

I’m currently on a PC.

Man, that’s old. Thanks for the heads-up. I need to update that.

That sounds like an issue with the scene or you just need to Reset the Camera properties so the camera position in the scene is shown in the viewport.