Shadows from edges in LayOut Hybrid

Does anyone find that Shadows from Edges while showing in SketchUp will not show in LayOut Hybrid view? They show in Raster, why not Hybrid?

I never noticed that before but then I rarely use From Edges for shadows. I expect this is handled much like Back Edges which are also only shown in Raster render. @adam might have a comment on this.

I was trying to use lines as wires in a SketchUp image through LayOut and I thought the shadows would be nice. The shadows from edges in SU are very crisp. I ended up with a work around using very narrow faces in a specific area, and the shadow is less clear. The use of edges was a quick and easy way to do what I needed, worrying about a few shadows for “artistic” quality was not. Still I couldn’t help myself.

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If I’d needed to do something like that using the hybrid layout rendering I would select all the edges from the model with selection toys, move them somewhere else and generate small tubes out of the lines, there are a lot of plug-ins that can do that, I use the JHS power bar when I need to create tubes out of a lot of lines, you can do it manually also if your model doesn’t have a lot of edges using the follow me tool. In case you decide to do that, the tubes must be very small and you won’t need more than 5 or 6 sides per tube.

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