Hidden lines showing in Hybrid and Vector Rendering

I’m having problems with lines that should be hidden showing up in Layout using hybrid or vector rendering. These lines are where walls meet floors and roofs meet walls. The lines are assigned to a layer called “Always Off” and that layer is not visible in the saved scene. They do not show up in raster rendering but as soon as I switch to hybrid, which I prefer because of the cleaner linework, they reappear. I’ve tried deleting the edges and re-drawing them, making sure the camera is aligned with the face and in parallel projection, and hiding the edges versus assigning them to the “always off” layer, none of those options worked. Please HELP!

Can you share the LayOut file?

link removed

Got it. You might want to remove the link since it has client information in it. Back shortly.

So you would like something like this?

You are almost there. You’ve hidden the edges at the top and bottom of the wall…
Screenshot - 1_11_2021 , 10_39_17 AM

But you also need to do it for the floor.
Screenshot - 1_11_2021 , 10_39_38 AM

The first screen shot is from LO after hiding those edges on the floor and updating the reference.

To be honest, if I were doing this model I think I would model the floors to fit inside the walls.

A side note: I would suggest not making the back face color the same as the front face color because that masks reversed faces. Leaving exposed back face can be problematic especially if you do any rendering as many renderers won’t render backfaces even if they have materials applied to them.

That line I do want showing to represent a bottom band line. It is the other lines that you can see in the pdf with the hybrid rendering versus the pdf with raster rendering.

The pdfs in your OP also seem to have your client’s personal info clearly printed in the box.

Here are revised pdf’s without clients info and red circles around the lines that are showing in hybrid but not in raster rendering @DaveR @brianmowrey Mcpherson_A3_Exterior Elevations_hybrid.pdf (3.5 MB) Mcpherson_A3_Exterior Elevations_raster.pdf (2.9 MB)

I haven’t tried this myself but this extension (Eneroth Visual Merge) might be helpful:

Tried that - didn’t work when groups that need to be merged are nested in parent groups by Level