Shadow of mountains partially green

Doing some basic shadowcasting of nearby mountains shading businesses throughout the day/year. Question: Why the appearance of green patches in certain areas of the mountain shadows, like the green shadows cast by the simple buildings in this file? Any cure to this effect? Thanks !

Can you show us what you’re seeing? Shadows by themselves in SketchUp are a neutral gray.

It sounds like you have your mountain below the ground plane and have shadows set to cast on the ground.


As @DaveR wrote, you haven’t yet given us much to go on. The model would be best (it is likely too large to upload directly to the forum, but you could put it on a file sharing site and give the link here). If that is not possible, at least an image. @Box might be right, but we can’t be sure!

Green shows up when “On Ground” is selected.

Ref: Location is Palm Springs, CA, N Indian Cyn Dr and E Arenas Rd.

SU file is over 4K.

Yes. You are getting a green shadow because you have the ground displayed as green and the shadow is being cast on the ground plane, not the geometry below it.

Or to say that another way, there is a gully that dips below the ground plane in the affected area.

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Got it - understand the effect - anyway out? Can we raise the “Terrain” layer to compensate? Or edit the green color (or any color/texture) off of the ground plane?
Thanks !

You can raise the terrain. You probably need to unlock it first. You could turn off Shadows on Ground in the Shadows window. If you just turn off the green ground color, the shadow will still show but it’ll be gray.

I’d just turn off the shadows on the ground. Keep in mind your terrain is not the ground.

If you raise the terrain, you will also have to raise any other model contents you have created else they will go underground!

OK, I’ll try raising the terrain along with the model(s) - already did the turn off of “Shadows on the Ground” which also eliminates the shadows of the models though . . .
Thanks to all for the great advice on this one!

So, if @Gully_Foyle dips too low, he turns green?


Green with envy, I’m sure . . . doesn’t live in Palm Springs . . .

So, “Terrain” is now raised about 103 ft from before. Will raise the models later - off work in a half hour.

Bonus to this lesson is that now I know how to refill our dried up lakes and reservoirs with blue water in SketchUp. Wish it was that easy . . . At least it rained today !