Shadow flickering


With my model growing bigger and bigger I started experiencing crazy and nasty shadow flickering.
It’s understandable with larger models (and mine was so) due to limited Z-buffer accuracy (precision? I never know the difference). BUT. I removed all large geometry, then purged unused stuff so my model extents are like 2x2 km now. This doesn’t sound like super-large. I used to have larger models with no issues.
I have no advanced camera in my model.
If I copy stuff to new model, it’s fine - shadows are cast neatly again. But I’d rather stay with my current model (cuz I can’t copy scenes).

I can see the problem was also described there:

But I don’t think there was a solution found till now. Cotty had this problem even with super-simple model. Plus I use SU 2018 Pro for desktop, not web.

Eneroth View Memory
Copy views and scenes between models.
Trial Available

Thanks! This can help but do you know if it’s possible to fix this model?

Ohmygosh, I know now.
I used this extension:
to force near clipping distance and I entered too small value which caused severe display issues.
Excellent tool but gotta use it carefully!

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