Shadow application?

Hi I am having problems with my subscription account that I am exploring with support, but I have a strange issue that I cannot understand.
I use Sketchup Pro 2022 - if I use Launchpad it shows SKP 2022 and SKP 2020. Both will launch.
No matter how I search, including showing hidden files I cannot find where the SKP 2020 app is on my Mac.

Does anyone have a suggestion, please?

If it’s running, it should be in the Dock. You can Command Click on anything in the Dock and in the popup menu is an Options item, and in there is “Show in Finder.” That should take you there. Or apparently you can just Command Click on it and it does it?

Brilliant - thank you!

Slight modification to what RTCool said… If you right-click you can choose Show in Finder. If you Command-click, it instantly does a Show in Finder.

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