Mac Finder doesn't show preview/thumbnail of Sketchup Files now, can I achieve this?

Hi Sketchup Community,
I’m trying to figure out how to easily view my sketchup files without having to open each one. Preferably in finder for Mac, OS High Sierra.
I remember that I used to be able to see a small preview image of each skp file in Finder, but it doesn’t seem to work consistently. (See image attached)
Many thanks for your help

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SketchUp 2018 includes a quicklook generator that should provide a view of the model model in Finder. However the model must be saved by that version before the preview will work. This was missing from previous versions…but I’ve forgotten whether it was fixed in 2017 or not until 2028.

Thanks for the response! I’ve been opening my files and re-saving them, but
still no visibility in Finder. Is there something in particular that I
should try?

Try this:
Open a Terminal window and type the following command:

qlmanage -m | grep skp

If the quick look generator is properly installed you should see something like this:

steves-macbook:~ steve$ qlmanage -m | grep skp
  com.sketchup.skp -> /Applications/SketchUp 2018/ (2.0)

If the response is blank, try resetting the quicklook cache by

qlmanage -r

And then try the first command again. If this doesn’t work there is some problem with your installation of SketchUp 2018. The only thing I can think of is to try installing it again and see if that heals things.


I’ve been having trouble with quicklook too. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
I can click on half a dozen .skp files and it works, then stops working on the next one as if something has crashed. Other file types like .png and .mov are still working when SketchUp’s fail.

Resetting it with qlmanage -r does fix it for me, at least for a while, so thanks for that.

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That suggests there is a bug in the SketchUp QL generator. I have no clue how to diagnose what might be wrong :worried:

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