SketchUp file views in Mac Finder

My Mac (Mojave) Finder window often fails to show me an image thumbnail of any selected SketchUp or LayOut files, instead displaying only a generic blank placeholder. I am looking for any file viewer software that will do a better job of showing me a graphic image (the more detailed the better) of each file WITHOUT having to open each one. Most of the file viewer products I can find out there do not list .skp and .layout file formats as compatible. Any leads would be most appreciated!

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This isn’t a solution. It doesn’t work and even when it does, it’s temporary, replaced by a generic icon a moment later, exhibiting the exact behavior originally noted.

I know, but it identifies the problem.

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Checkout Component finder of Flextools:
ComponentFinder – FlexTools

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… with SketchUp software.

my old extension ‘Add Icon’ from the dark days of NO mac previews at all, still seems to work on v19 even though I haven’t updated it for a few versions…

it’s in the SketchUcation Plugins store…


Yea, but until we fix it, you could crontab -e and every couple of minutes do qlmanage -r.

I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

That’s the beauty of the response: if you know what cron is, it’s very practical. If you don’t and don’t care, it’s a joke. Works for everyone. I filed the bug for it, which I should have done after my original post when Mojave came out. My bad.

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Thanks Mike - Component Finder does work pretty well, and accomplishes what I need. It can be used to view icon images of ALL SU & LO files, not just “Components”, which makes it very helpful. Sorry for the delay in thanking you!

I’m noticing that Mojave is doing a better job with Quick Look on my machine. The only icons that weren’t working were old models (circa SketchUp 6, 7 or 8), and opening those files and saving then gave me a preview in Quick Look. Anyone else observe this?

yes, it’s the same on all versions of mac since apple switched to 64 bit…
the stored images are there and can be extracted, but can not be read by quicklook unless updated with a new save…


But mine previously mine was hanging, and that’s not happening. I’m upgrading to 10.14.6 just to confirm, but it’s better for me than the initial Mojave release.

Edit: 10.14.6 installed, and no, it’s not a lot better. I had to do at least one ‘sudo qlmanage -r’ in order to see an update. So I wont close the issue.

I think it was Millard, in the mist of time, said that SU was embedding png’s that suited 32 bit OS’s, that intel mac’s had issues reading…

but that should only affect pre v17 skp’s…


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