SketchUp file views in Mac Finder

My Mac (Mojave) Finder window often fails to show me an image thumbnail of any selected SketchUp or LayOut files, instead displaying only a generic blank placeholder. I am looking for any file viewer software that will do a better job of showing me a graphic image (the more detailed the better) of each file WITHOUT having to open each one. Most of the file viewer products I can find out there do not list .skp and .layout file formats as compatible. Any leads would be most appreciated!

This isn’t a solution. It doesn’t work and even when it does, it’s temporary, replaced by a generic icon a moment later, exhibiting the exact behavior originally noted.

I know, but it identifies the problem.

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Checkout Component finder of Flextools:

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… with SketchUp software.

my old extension ‘Add Icon’ from the dark days of NO mac previews at all, still seems to work on v19 even though I haven’t updated it for a few versions…

it’s in the SketchUcation Plugins store…


Yea, but until we fix it, you could crontab -e and every couple of minutes do qlmanage -r.

I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

That’s the beauty of the response: if you know what cron is, it’s very practical. If you don’t and don’t care, it’s a joke. Works for everyone. I filed the bug for it, which I should have done after my original post when Mojave came out. My bad.

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