SketchUp 2024 won't fully launch on brand new M3 MacBook Air

I can’t seem to open SketchUp, Layout, or Style Builder. Mac is only a day old, not much else installed, and not much set from the defaults.

SketchUp 2024 folder copied to applications folder, but all three apps launch and just sit in the Dock not responding.

They make their app support folders, and that’s it (Layout seems to use 2023 folder?). No previous SkecthUp versions on this computer.

Ok, so opening from terminal has it prompt for folder access, and seems to work that way.

But trying to launch from Finder after that still has this issue.

Even granting it full disk access doesn’t seem to work.

Well, fixed it based on this tip to drag it out of the folder and back in:

Layout here doesn’t ask for permissions, but SketchUp finally did. All three opened after dragging out and back in.

@trent @adam

Trent or Adam may know if there is a reason that LayOut 2024 stores its preferences files in the LayOut 2023 support folders. They also should be able to check to make sure the code signatures are good.

For anyone else chancing across your solution, the linked page doesn’t mention holding down the Command key. So, the steps would be Command-drag SketchUp to your Desktop, then normal drag it back again. Doing a regular drag will put an alias onto the desktop, and not actually move the app.

Good question on 2023 LayOut directory: I tried it, and yes, it writes out the json files to 2023 and 2024. We’ll discuss and fix. Thanks.

It’s weird that code signature would be wrong…mine launches OK. I’ve been demanding a new M3 laptop, so this’ll give me another reason to get one. Thanks, @me2 !


@me2 we have a ticket filed to fix this, and we discovered why it happens.
In the mean time, in order NOT to write to a previous version, you can change a preference and it stops: for me, I added a preferences/folders setting to look for Scrapbooks in /private/tmp, and it stopped trying to find / write things into ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023.

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You can also solve this by changing ANY preference: I added a shortcut for the first menu item in the list - LayOut/About LayOut, and that stopped the LayOut 2023 search and write. Ugh…no harm, but it’s ugly and we’ll fix ASAP.

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