Layout 2021 will not open at all, from anywhere

Layout refuses to open…cannot open from dock, cannot open fro file in finder and cannot open by sending model from sketchup. Have done a fresh install, restarted numerous times to no avail.


What happens when you try to launch it? Does the Layout icon bounce a few times in the dock, then the icon disappears and nothing else happens? Or does Layout start up but then crash with some kind of window or dialog display?

Icon bounces then nothing happens except I get my Mac error message that layout couldn’t open. Doesn’t even get far enough to produce a bugs plat

Is your profile correct with the OS version? It might have something to do with the operating system. According to the Release Notes Sketchup 2021 supports back to 10.14. I believe some users are able to run it on older versions but I’ve heard of others who can’t. You might consider upgrading the OS.

At least make sure you are installing SketchUp per the instructions. Installing SketchUp | SketchUp Help

OS is correct, however I have been running with zero problems until randomly this am.

So what changed on your computer between the last time you were running it and this morning when it wouldn’t run? Did you plugin in a different display? Or remove a display? Something clearly changed.

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Literally nothing. In fact I was using it this morning for a few hours before Layout crashed while opening a file. Since then, it has not opened and will not even after fresh install.

Have you done a cold reboot of the system?

Is it LO not opening at all or just a certain LO file?

See this thread:

Where is this folder located?

Sorry. On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp…

The other person having the same symptom tried the ideas I gave, and it seemed not to help.

We have a support case going on with your colleague, and are trying to think of new ideas.

Thanks Colin. Yes we are working away at it, figured I would see if anyone here had any other suggestions :slight_smile: