LayOut crashes 20-11

Hi, using LayOut 2023 and cannot seam to start the program due to bug-report on startup containing the files: tmp#3D1.net64dmp and B5MH3L71.xml both in Path C:\Users/job/AppData\Local\Temp (which doesn’t exist by the way).

Tried to un-/reinstall multiple times. Please help :slight_smile:

Are you trying to open a Layout file or are you opening Layout from the Layout icon ?

From the Layout icon!

To be clear – are you able to start Layout without trying to open up a file ?

No, that’s my exact problem :slight_smile:

Hold down shift when you try to open.

Both situations actually

Still the same

When you re-installed SketchUp/Layout did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

Tried, but still the same sorry :slight_smile:

Hi femkeidomaatwerk can get into LayOut if you open a file in SketchUp and use Send to LayOut?


if that does not work it might be the LO is using an old .plo file if the previous build directory was copied into your most recent build. The .plo files should be deleted and then relaunch LayOut.

MikeWayzovskiSketchUp Sage

Sep '22