Shadow Analysis - How to remove license on computer?

I accidental used the same licence key on two computers. Now I can’t remove or replace the license code on one computer with another license code.

If while running an analysis on computer A, you start to run an analysis on computer B, it will end computer A’s simulation without finishing and start the analysis on computer B.

Is there any way of removing the license from the computer?

I have uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled
I have uninstalled sketchup and reinstalled

Nothing works - as soon as you reinstall it, it is signed again.

If the extension is bought from Extension Warehouse I think the SketchUp support can help you. Otherwise you can contact the extension author directly.

Thanks a lot @eneroth3 !

Removing something from your computer does not remove anything from a server that is located at the Trimble or extension developer’s computer/server.

The way most extensions and software work is that you need to have access to the internet so you can activate or remove a license by sending little message-packages to the servers.

There is usually a menu item in SketchUp:
Extensions->extension name->About/License->de-activate/etc

For SketchUp, you can remove a license through the Welcome Screen or Help->License