Shaded walls

Is there a reason why some walls in my model are shaded and others are not? How do I get my white cabinets to show white on the shaded sides instead of gray?

Looks like you have shadows turned on or Use Sun for Shading. Go to the Shadows window and set the Light slider to the leftt and the dark slider to the right.

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That might be part of the answer, most of the grey faces don’t look reversed to me. Rather it is the effect of the default lighting and inbuilt renderer - the grey faces aren’t getting as much light as the light ones.

Not at my computer so I can’t remember how to change this, but you can.

PS DaveR has given you that too.

my shadows are off, but 2 of 3 walls are shaded. Any suggestions?

attach the file. It looks like you still have faces reversed also.

There are no shadows in your image, so indeed they are turned off.

By default, the light source used for both shadows and shading is located at the view’s camera. But in your image it appears that the light source is from the left, which strongly suggests that you have “use sun for shading” turned on in the shadows window. Yes, it is confusing that the setting in this window is relevant even though you have shadows turned off! But shading is a sort of self-shadow, so the controls are in that window.

As noted in earlier posts, you can reduce the strength of the shading when “use sun for shading” is on by adjusting the light and dark sliders in the shadows window.

where is use sun for shading in SU free? 3D shading can be turned off by selecting hidden line style. I see no other means to hide the camera position shading except by changing the view angle.

Augh! Once again I failed to notice that this is about SketchUp Free! I don’t think they have implemented “use sun for shading” yet in Free? It would be instructive to try turning shadows on and seeing what way they are cast.

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