Sewing pattern envelope - FINALLY both sides correct! (However back texture still not exporting using .obj) [SOLVED]

Finally I got the envelope to work both sides, not flipping the front image as has happened previously! I still have to work on scaling images more for perfection.

Only one thing still stuns me is that only the front image shows in Bryce 7.1 when imported in that program - back grey. Both sides in Sketchup is done the same way. :roll_eyes: I have to ask in the Bryce forums if they have a solution.

OR anyone here using Bryce too to help testing why this is happening?

EDIT - back texture not showing in exported .obj texture folder, only front. I have copied back texture also into folder, but it’s not helping. It’s just ignored

Most rendering applications either ignore the back side materials or ignore the back sides completely. In the first case they display with some predetermined uniform colour, in the latter they are invisible. Only in SketchUp materials can be applied to back sides of faces.

launok , If I understand your post correctly the texture image that is applied to the back side of the pillow is not exporting with the other materials when you export your model as an .obj file ? Can you post the model ?

@tuna1957 - Dear Tuna, yes this is what is happening.

Here is an image exported into Bryce. As you notice front image show correctly but back stay gray, whatever setting I try to use for export. I use Sketchup Pro 2016.

Here is model:!ZD4QCCib!r_R6mynIYgz-A-6rny5zDDt8Y_n3V7G-sTCx-fM0ACs


Thanks for your comment - yes, this seems the case to be. I was planning to make freebies of such an envelope style with different images to use in sewing shop renders but then it means only front part will be textured. Oh, well, at least one don’t need to see back parts.

What I meant was the back SIDES of faces. In SketchUp you build your model of infinitely thin faces that have two sides, “front” and “back”. The default styles, until any material has been applied, show the front sides as white and the back sides in a shade of blue. When you model, especially for export to other applications, it is important that all the visible parts of your model show only the front sides of the faces, and that you “apply paint” to only the front sides. In my opinion your model shows the result of ignoring this rule. It appears to me that the other half of your pillow shape has the back sides of faces facing outwards, so the material you applied to them doesn’t show up in other applications like Bryce.
Here is an image of your pillow in Monocrome mode with the back sides set to show in glaring red:
The red side is what faces you when you open your file as the camera is based under the model looking up.

What Annsi said about front face back face. Quick look at your model and went to SketchUp > View > Face Style > Monochrome. The back of the pillows faces are reversed ( inside out ). Thats why your textures not exporting correct. Reverse the blue grey faces and reapply the textures and should export o.k.

P.S. also looking at a few other things about the model itself… will report back…

If you fix the reversed faces and reapply your textures it will export as an .obj file with all the textures. Tested it on export and imported the .obj file back into SketchUp. All materials came along fine. Just so you know there is some problems with the pillows mesh… It has some holes and places where geometry is overlapping.


Thank you for your explanation. I am a beginner and has still lots to learn. The model is actually from the Warehouse I am trying to re-texture with my own made images. This was the best model I could find resemble a sewing pattern style envelope.


Thank you for your explanation. I got this model at the Warehouse. Since I am a beginner and want to learn also 3D modeling I think the best way will be to try make my own model(s) rather.

Well, I have built some very simple buildings and a signage in Sketchup which is uploaded at the Warehouse here:

The envelope is also uploaded.

@tuna1957 - have done your steps and reversed faces which turned blue faces white. Then applied texture again.

Textures of back now turning out as per image - Am I missing a step?


Use the eyedropper to sample the material first, then right click and reverse the face then apply the material. Repeat for the second half without needing to sample again.

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@Box, thank you - I will go and check this out!


Thank you for all the help and keeping up with me during this lesson!

Looks like Box got you straightened out on that last bit :+1:. Good job on your part hanging in there to learn new things.

@tuna1957 Thanks to you too! I have just made a new pattern envelope. For some reason the top of the envelope both sides still gray (not red) but I will have to look into that in a bit.


Got the top part also to color (red). Had to use ‘reversed faces’ here too. Now all is perfect!! :joy: