Texture problem when converting as .obj - Need help

Dear people,

When exporting models from Sketchup as .obj all textures not work at all. I have tried playing with the textures in Sketchup but strangely only the Glass textures work. I am using Bryce 7.

I have attached images of a scene I am working on. The buildings set, also from Sketchup Warehouse, did not lose original textures and transferred perfectly as seen in the Bryce scene. The road is the problem. The only textures showing is the yellow robot light casings. Rest are gray. The images with yellow and green parts of the road is the Sketchup glass textures I have mentioned which show in Bryce. On the one image with a bit of gravel look is in fact also a glass texture.

Notice on the last scene the parts do not show the brown stone texture or road textures! Showing only transparent glass Sketchup textures. :thinking:

Can anyone explain why the stone textures, and others, do not transfer at all?


I think this might be the first Bryce-to-SU post in some time. Can you elaborate on why you’re using Bryce and not doing the textures in SU to begin with? That may help shed some light on the situation. Thanks.

Eric, I have never used Sketchup for making scenes. I am years using only Bryce for final scenes. In fact, my knowledge of Sketchup are almost zero. I have only built 2 buildings in SU which I have finally used in Bryce also. I am grateful for all the models I get from the Warehouse to use in such scenes. This is more for my own personal use, a hobby. In fact, I have used quite some buildings from the Warehouse in Bryce which actually worked very well with textures and all. But then, at times, as with this road, textures does not export well.

I think it could be the way the road model was created by the original modeler. In Bryce, the road can’t be ungrouped at all which add to the problem. If I could ungroup the model then I could have used my own textures in Bryce to add to parts. I am now thinking of trying to make some kind of roads myself in SU to use in Bryce. But I still have to learn how to model properly in SU. Although the buildings was very simple as I have used only flat cubes, for the rest of modeling I have no clue for how to do it. I can’t even make a simple straight or curved pipe! Eish :roll_eyes:

Original model by LED Signal Guy:

One of my buildings:


I wonder if it is just another case of reversed faces. SketchUp doesn’t care which side of a face you place your materials on, but other software does. Depending on application, they either ignore back sides completely or display them as black or some uniform colour (usually grey).