Help needed with setting export options

Need help please. Eric sent me a menu of how to set up export options but unfortunately he is on a Mac, I use Windows 7. He use SU2018 and 2019 and I SU 2016. I can’t find the options as on his menu.

Where do I set up export options, i.e. Geometry, Materials, Scale, Units as on his menu?

Here is an image of his menu:

I have a problem with some materials not exporting well using .obj.

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How your menu look like?
Did you try: File > Export > 3D model > OBJ > options
Look at this GIF (I use DAE instead of OBJ, but because you have SketchUp Pro, select OBJ)

What exactly does it mean “some materials not exporting well”?

Hi mihai.s

I think I have found the options, quite different than the one Eric sent.

I have downloaded a model from LED Signal Guy, road scene. In Bryce 7.1, it works well, except the road mat (tar) and road markings do not show at all. That part is a light grey. But the rest of the scene, robots, bill boards, has kept the textures. I also has experienced this with some buildings, i.e. roof, walls grey but other parts of the building has kept the textures. But then there are other models that has kept all the original textures fully.

I have never set up textures before, only learn this now with Eric’s help. I have just in the past simply export model as .obj not doing a thing else.

From your description, the SKP model probably has inverted faces and that’s why the material does not appear after you export it as OBJ. Check the 3D model to have all the white faces (not blue) at sight, and the texture aplied to this white faces.

Thank you for all the help I get here. :smile: I have used SU thus far only to download models from Warehouse and export it out for use in Bryce. Though I have tried built my own simple buildings in SU a while ago and load it up at the Warehouse. I have to say I find it more user friendly to use SU as for example Blender. But there are for me as a novice still much to learn! :roll_eyes:

And just wants to add the help I get here are wonderful as which I has received from other program’s forums where they are not always helping out.

For you, to understand a little better with the “reverse faces”:

I exported and imported in Unity, but the same would be seen in Bryce, Unreal or other similar programs:

If you have an reversed face, it will not appear properly textured in another program.

Blender is a very good program and I hope it will become easier to understand and work in the future. It still has to be as clear and easy to learn and use as SketchUp or Autocad, but … it’s on the right track.
Blender 2.8 is a very big step in this direction. :wink:

Here is the envelope file which I am actually working on.!4TQnCayK!0CrFw2sl8zYH1RSq268YSiCf11bbvxhD588vab-HoIM

I actually can’t understand why the front part of envelope (my own image) do exports to Bryce, since it had another texture before that from model used.

The orange color do not export and stay grey in Bryce. I understand what you say about the face must not be blue, but white. My menu differs from the 1 you shared above, though it looks somehow different?

Am I on the right track where it shows color: front - white /back - blue on image? And the styles menu you share above, is it same as attached image? I was looking all over interface, and got only this showing styles. Should I turn the back color to white on color wheel?

Excuse if I am not quite understanding. Firstly, I am not very good in English and secondly I am almost 64 years old with a brain not quite focusing! :thinking:

Reverse faces turns back white as it was before adding color used.

The surface must be separated to be able to select it as you want:

Regarding to English, no problemo, I use Google Translate, it helps a lot. :wink:

Thank you again. I am going to open your .gif in ‘Animation Shop’ to follow it step-by-step in slower action.
But will do that a bit later as my brain needs to take a break, lol. :smiley:

I write my own English while Afrikaans speaking, English 2nd language but still struggles.

Just want to ask you, what version of Sketchup do you use? I use SU 2016.

For some reason, I can’t open any free versions of 2017, 2018 or 2019!! File called missing from my laptop, 64 bit = api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0. dll is missing It was not there initialy, but I downloaded it and installed it under Windows folder as stated. And still, it say file is missing! I can’t even test this new SU versions! So annyoing! :roll_eyes:

For the animated gif I used Google SketchUp 8, but I also use SketchUp Make 2017.

Try to install this excellent extension of eneroth3 - - and you will be able to open SketchUp files 2017, 2018, 2019.

Regarding the missing .dll file, it would be best to open a new thread for help.

Thank you. I have downloaded this extension by Eneroth3.

I find it difficult when following online help and then something missing from Sketchup.

I want to install eneroth extension manually by following steps at link above.
They say I must select Window > Extension Manager and then install extension.

I don’t have such an option. Can only install extension via Extension Warehouse. How can I now install the extension manually from my computer where I have saved it?

Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension…

About your SKP file, it has 4092 KB. I made you a new one of only 616 KB - model2-v8.skp (615.6 KB)
And this is how:

If you want to learn, combine this GIF with tutorials from Youtube about the specified plugins.

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Wow, thank you! And also for how you actually made it. It’s appreciated. :smiley:

I am planning to make more envelopes with different images to use it later in a sewing shop scene.

Create as many textures you want, but have the same dimensions as the first you used for the 3D model, then just change them, like this:

You may want to watch these:

Thank you! I have had a look at the first video recently.

Thank you. Will have a look at this tomorrow.

Oh, and I have installed Eneroth extension. Had downloaded all the others you mentioned.

Gosh, today I have figured out how to get back of envelope texture to export and work in Bryce. When exporting as .obj the option “Geometry” must be marked at “triangulate all faces”.

Struggled with text part but this was a testing.